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The New America

All these debates dividing and upsetting the American people for the last two or three decades – especially, who has what rights, and who can a citizen go to in trouble if not their government – I believe all these issues require, later or sooner, a new Constitution for the USA.

Sure, that sounds radical, and, certainly, I'm not going to tell you how to set a schedule to do again what the Founders did in the 1780s. But, my fellow Tarheels, if you will take a moment to read our present Constitution with its numerous Amendments, you will see by common sense that more than half of our most important life tool is completely irrelevant to life in the 21st Century. I never heard of any contemporary of George Washington wanting a same sex marriage, much less how we are supposed to live our lives with all our modern inventions, from medicine to social media. 

Some day, I hope and pray, we will again have a state-of-our-own-time document of rules for our national life. 


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